We carry out full spectrum of Electrical & Instrumentation Construction with our experienced and professional project teams. In addition, we are committed to our clients for excellent services with high quality and safety standards through well planned productivity and effective Cost Control System.

  1. Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Cable Trunking and Conduit Installation
  2. Main Cable & Secondary Cable Laying & Termination
  3. Installation of Junction Boxes with respect to area classification with termination of Cables
  4. Installation of marshalling Panels, DCS/ESD/PLC Cabinets and Operator Stations with laying of System Cables.
  5. Fabrication & Installation of Stanchions, Sunshade for Instruments
  6. Calibration of Instrument
  7. Installation of Field Instruments, Transmitters, Analyzers, Valves etc.
  8. Pneumatic Air Supply Pipe and Tubing Installation
  9. Impulse Tubing Installation
  10. Pressure Testing for Impulse Tubing
  11. Leak Testing for Pneumatic System
  12. Analyzer House Installation and Assembly
  13. Continuity and Insulation Test for Cable
  14. Loop Checking
  15. Assistance for Commissioning to Vendor for DCS/ESD/BMS & PLC work in CCR
  16. Pre-Commissioning and assistance on Commissioning
  17. Preparation and submission of as-built mark up drawings/Loop folders after completion of the job.