Unicorn Arabia is committed to high standards of HSE in all operational activities. Unicorn Arabia has developed and implemented HSE management system to ensure:

  1. The organization and planning for HSE effectively.
  2. Safe places, systems of work and suitable procedures are provided and well maintained.
  3. Trained Staff and sub-contractors are competent to perform their tasks.
  4. Risks from our activities are assessed and either eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels to Comply with all applicable HSE laws, regulations and standards.

Follow good industrial practices where the legislation is inadequate or does not exist.

  1. Preparation of emergency plans during the execution of the projects.
  2. An audit program, which monitors and verifies Unicorn Arabia HSE performance.
  3. The HSE policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness.
  4. Everyone in Unicorn Arabia has individual authority, responsibility and accountability for the safety of themselves and others, and an obligation to actively participate in promoting an effective HSE culture.
  5. At Unicorn Arabia, all staff at all levels is encouraged to stop any unsafe activity that may results in any human or environmental accident.
  6. The management at Unicorn Arabia is geared up to support human and cultural heritage, and to preserve the environment by minimizing the discharges and emissions.

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